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Abroadscope has been in business since 2013, we have specialized in immigration, relocation and business services, and we have collaborated with some of the most well-respected and efficient companies to extend those services to include, Foreign Exchange and banking, investment advice, travel and tourism as well as property solutions along with our offerings; which we are known for Government liaising and visas and integrated immigration solutions.

This is the ultimate one-stop-shop to handle your exit and entry into South Africa. Our solutions are practical, cost-effective and knowledgeable.

When deciding to relocate your life, business or corporate operations all of this requires a better understanding of how it works in the country you are choosing to move to – most of this would require answers to questions that we will be equipped to answer for you.

Over the past years in business, we have moved large corporate companies to and from South Africa, our recent expansion is Mauritius and we are proud to be in partnership with one of the largest immigration and relocation companies in Mauritius to assist in resolving all of your concerns about relocating to the island.

We are well known for our solutions and to date, our business has only ever received organic word-of-mouth referrals, while our plans are for dramatic expansion and that will in turn require us to be marketing our business we are still very grateful to all our clients that have valued our impact on their move that they refer us to other clients.

Abroadscope motto – Miracles are immediate, the impossible may take a bit longer.

Core Values

At Abroadscope our mission is to ensure that each person or company feels that solutions are around the corner. We thrive in challenging circumstances. We aim to deliver fair timelines, create a reasonable expectation of requirements and deliver communicated results that will ultimately bring you peace of mind.


To make moving into and out of South Africa a pleasant experience, promoting South Africa and Mauritius while supporting South Africans as they make their move. We will continue to strive for business excellence, transparency and honesty. Our solutions are practical and methodical.