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Thank you for your interest in opening a foreign exchange banking account, this account is there to facilitate transfers into and out of South Africa in line with the South African Reserve Bank and in compliance with the FAIS and FSCA of South Africa, we are in partnership with a licensed intermediary
of Investec and Mercantile bank and obtain the best possible rates for your transfer.
Why work with us:
● Simple onboarding process
● Guaranteed the best rates in the market
● Bank accounts with zero costs to maintain and favourable interest rates on your positive balances
● Personalized trading
● Negotiation around rates
● Forward contracts
● Bank accounts in less than 24 hours

We open your account in 3 easy steps:

1. Follow the appropriate link; Individual for a personal account or Corporate for a business account.
2. Complete the application and await the final application over DocuSign on your email
3. The account will be opened and you will be ready to start making transfers