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If you're traveling to South Africa for a short visit and require a visa, please check the list below to determine if you need one:

Disclaimer: “Please note that submitting your application 60 days before expiry is advantageous. Should you be in line with this, make contact through our website genie to guide you accordingly.”

For automatic visas on arrival, please refer to our list to see if this applies to your country. If you require an E-visa, check our list of eligible countries.


E-visa Eligible countries

Customized Visa Services

Corporate Partnerships

Are you a corporate entity? Check if you qualify for special corporate rates or consider becoming a corporate partner with AbroadScope. We offer competitive rates and personalized services for corporate clients. Find out more by clicking below:

Long-Term Visas

If you're planning to live, work, or establish a long-term presence in South Africa, we specialize in a variety of visas to meet your needs, including:

Retirement visa

Retirement visa allows someone with an income exceeding R37 000 pm to apply for retirement visa. An assessment of income and assets is required and there is a specialised formula to structure of those. Contact us for more information
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Business visa

A business visa allows you to conduct your business in South Africa. Are you a shareholder? Is your business in national interest then contact us for assistance in making your dream of running a business in South Africa possible
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Partner visa

Is your significant other a South African permanent resident, permit holder or a South African we can apply for a visa for you to be in South Africa with them.
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Family Visas

If you have a parent/ parents on a visa, a child who is south African or any other immediate ties to South Africa this is the visa category for you.
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Work Visa

Are you a specialist at what you do and need to work in South Africa there are few visa options in terms of work, contact us for advice.
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Permanent Residency

You have lived in SA now you want to make this your permanent home, reach out to us to assess which category Permanent Residency will work for you
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Not sure which visa is right for you?

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