South Africa: Currency Upgrade

Upgraded Mandela banknotes and the fourth decimal coin series

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By : abroadscope

In 2023, the South African upgraded Mandela banknotes and fourth decimal coin series became legal tender in South Africa. Our currency serves not only as a medium of exchange but as a window into South Africa and its people, heritage and culture.

Currency, often regarded as second only to the national flag, reflects a nation and its people’s pride and aspirations. Our upgraded banknotes and redesigned coins will connect the old and the new, the young and the old, representing a tradition founded on solid values while remaining open to multilateral and dynamic collaboration with other institutions and the public. The upgraded banknotes consider technological advancements, security enhancements and print efficiencies. South Africans are encouraged to transact with the banknotes and coin and to check that their banknotes are genuine through the look, feel and tilt features. All current banknotes and coins remain valid, legal tender and will co-circulate with the upgraded banknotes and fourth decimal coin series.

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